Extreme Hikes on Wai'ale'ale and Kawaikini
Wilderness hazards of Kauai, Wai'ale'ale and Kawaikini Wilderness hazards of Kauai, Wai'ale'ale and Kawaikini

Disclaimer: Before you proceed further, click on the following link and read the warning/disclaimer. If you use information from this site and all related pages on this site, you do so at your own risk! Hiking and traveling in the back country of Kauai and atop Mount Wai'ale'ale is dangerous.

Do not trespass! Camp only in permitted campgrounds!
The information in this site is for entertainment only. Camping on county or state property is permitted only at certain campsites; obtain the necessary permits. Respect private property at all times.
The focus of the website is shifting to include all Extreme Hiking on Kauai, including Waialeale(Kawaikini), the Alakai Plateau, canyons and canyoneering, the Na Pali Coast, Blue Hole, and the valleys and ridges of Kauai. And to open a debate on how to best preserve Kauai's fantastic wilderness and wildlife. To continue the current makeshift, laissez-faire course that so mostly managed the steady decline of Kauai's wilderness or to establish a Kauai Wilderness National Park.
Click on to see hundreds of high resolution photos of extreme hikes on Kauai. Hikes discussed nowhere else. Select set, photo, then "all sizes" to see full resolution.

What's new?*

Two hazardous descents(not recommended of course), giving access to the Na Pali Coast and upper Koaie Gorge. Milolii Death Wish Descent and death wish junior, Koaie Root Trail.

Evolution of the Waialeale Trail. History and evolution of the Waialeale Trail from the first Haole Ascent to the new Kauai Watershed Alliance fenceline. Many maps!

Kauai Hiking Adventures Only guide approved by Waialeale.org. If it's on Kaua'i, Scott can get you there.

Kids Tag Kawaikini! When you're my age, most folks are kids. This is the only account I've encountered of a woman reaching Kawaikini! Congrats to Margot and Sean. Flickr Photos

ADCF Doh! Mom always warned me that someday I'd break my fool neck. Only took 64 years but she was right!

Blowing in the Wind! First Known Father/Daughter Ascent by Joe the Plumber and Kid!

Gang of Four. An expanded, illustrated "Five Days to Kawaikini." Mo' excellent. Sixteen pages!

October, 2008, The Alakai Great Circle Route by Joe the Plumber!

February22/23, 2008, "Loki's Excellent Adventure" or "Kawaikini Goes to the Dogs!" contributed by Steven Souza.

Flash! On December 24, 2007, Bob Burd dayhiked Kawaikini (Waialeale) in 17 hours. Excellent maps, much improved route. And if you scroll down and click on "More...trip report" you'll find an ascent of Haupu, a view from the cave at the end of the Blue Hole (aka "Waialeale Crater" to the geologically challenged.)

January 2008, Waialeale.Org trio summit Kawaikini, find improved route used by Burd and earlier party.

Hihimanu, a fantastic but hazardous ridge dayhike.

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Oahu Nature Tours
Trade Wind Rainfall Atop Waialeale
On the Wai'ale'ale trail to Kawaikini

Off Trail on Kauai: Treks Beyond the Guidebooks to Waialeale, Kawaikini, Kapoki Crater.

Is there a trail to the top of Mount Waialeale? What's it like to camp in the Alakai Swamp, look down into Olokele Canyon and the Blue Hole (or should we call it "Waialeale Crater"), ford Koaie and Waialae streams, drink from Halehaha Stream and get lost in the headwaters of Halepaakai stream. See Waialeale's namesake, a small lake near the summit. Just where is the raingage and how much does it really rain? If these questions intrigue you, click here.

Canyons and Gorges of Kauai

Olokele, Mokuone, Kahana, Loli, Blue Hole, Waialae, Koaie, Poomau, Iliiliula -- the almost unknown, incredible varied wilderness canyons and gorges of Kauai beckon. With hundreds of waterfalls, pools, sheer cliffs, treacherous floods, glimpse them here.

Exploring the Canyons of Kauai:Olokele, Waialae, Koaie, Makaweli, Loli.
Ridges of Kauai


Speculation and a look at Pohakupele Ridge., the ancient east route to Waialeale and Kaawako Heiau.

Exploring the Canyons of Kauai:Olokele, Waialae, Koaie, Makaweli, Loli.
Kauai Trail History

An account sent in by a contributer of the last recorded ascent of Pohakupele Ridge in September 1874.

An account sent in by a contributer of the first Haole Ascent in September 1862.

Book excerpt of Eric Knudsen's Waialeale Ascents circa 1905.

Waialeale and Kawaikini Environmental issues.

The Waialeale Issues. For Pigs or People or the Birds.

What are the threats to the endangered endemic plants and birds of the Alakai Swamp and Mount Waialeale? Why have most of the unique endemic forest birds of Kauai gone extinct since the state decided that introduced hogs should be managed rather than irradicated? Does the state have the will and resources to preserve the Alakai Swamp or should it become a National Park. Are introduced hogs given more protection than endemic species? Should hogs be allowed run free, spreading avian malaria in areas closed to hunting? Should the hogs be fenced out of endangered, precious habitat? Who decides how best to protect, the fragile Alakai wilderness, subjective hunters or objective science.

Should some of most spectacular waterfalls, cliffs, canyons and gorges on the planet remain accessible only to heli-tourists who can afford to fork out 200 bucks an hour (Take only pictures - leave only noise). What kills the most people on Mount Waialeale, off trail hiking or helicopters?

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How wet is it today atop Mount Waialeale?
The best damn trails maps of Kauai, bar none. Big maps/files. Unless you got the Mother of All Monitors, you gotta download 'em.
Summit: Sincock's Bog to summit.
SW Alakai: Waialae Camp down to Waimea.
Central Alakai: Koaie Gorge and south.