What are Epoxy Stand Up Paddleboards and How are they Different than Regular SUPs?


man paddling on a lake on an epoxy sup

What is the deal with epoxy paddleboards?

If you have heard the term “epoxy” in regards to SUPs and you don’t know what it means, well keep reading, we are going to clear that up for you.

An epoxy paddleboard is the first, the original type of stand up paddleboard.  Stand up paddleboards are an offshoot of surf boards and epoxy boards are built in the same manner as traditional surfboards.

They start as an EPS foam core.  EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene, basically it’s just a type of foam.  You can think of an EPS foam core as a big piece of Styrofoam in the shape of a surfboard.  This is how the board begins it’s life.  An EPS core is also easy to shape because it’s easy to cut through Styrofoam.

Styrofoam is light and easy to work with but it is obviously very fragile and easy to break.  You can’t just ride on a bare EPS foam core because it will quickly snap in half.

To strengthen the board, the foam core is wrapped in several layers of fiberglass.  Fiberglass is a durable and lightweight material that used in a tremendous amount of applications including the manufacture of surfboard and stand up paddleboards.

Fiberglass is basically a bunch of flexible glass filament threads woven together and soaked in a resin so that it can be formed or molded to any shape.  The resin the fiberglass is soaked in is epoxy resign.

The way that epoxy is able to harden is due to chemistry.  The epoxy resin is made up of two chemicals, epoxide and polyamine that when they are combined, chemically bond together and form a hard smooth clear surface.  The resin does not harden instantly.  It takes some time to bond and fully harden.  You can speed up the hardening process with heat like a heat gun or for industrial manufacturing purposes like SUP manufacturers, you can place the boards in a large oven to heat and bake the resin.

For SUPs it is common to have multiple layers of epoxy to create the stiffness required.  The end result is a board with a light foam core and a hard outer shell that is still relatively lightweight.  This is how traditional surfboards are made and this is how the first stand up paddle boards were manufactured.

Benefits of Epoxy SUPs

The biggest benefit of riding an epoxy SUP is the level of performance.  Epoxy SUPs out perform inflatables on every measurable level.  An epoxy board in more maneuverable and responsive to the paddler.  The reason is because there is no loss of energy transfer from the paddler’s legs to the rails and fin of the SUP.

An inflatable SUP has a certain level of bounce or give in it.  Think of a trampoline and how you always sink a little bit on the surface, it’s the same way with standing on an inflatable.  When the rider goes to push on the rails of the inflatable to turn on a wave, there is less energy that transfers from the legs of the rider to the rails and fins of the inflatable SUP.

An epoxy board will turn quicker and will glide easier and for longer distances over the water than an iSUP.  This is important if you use your SUP for longer trips.  The glide length on an epoxy board is far superior to that of an inflatable, for the same reason that epoxy boards are more maneuverable and this is important if you want to paddle board surf.  You don’t lose any energy when you pull you paddle through the water because there is zero give where the board and your feet meet.

When you pull the paddle through the water on an inflatable, then you hold the paddle in the air as you glide over the water propelled forward by the energy of the paddle stroke, you can feel the SUP bounce a little.  This bounce takes energy from your stroke.

You are losing energy from your paddle stroke, that makes the inflatable bounce a little, that would otherwise go directly in to propelling you forward if you were on an epoxy SUP.  This goes back again to the issue of performance.  If performance is your main goal, then you need an epoxy board.  If you are going on long distance paddles or long tours, you’ll want an epoxy SUP.

On shorter outings it doesn’t matter that much if you lose a bit of energy because you are riding an inflatable, but if you go on a longer or multi day tour, it matters greatly.  Over thousands and thousands of paddles, that little bit of lost energy on each stroke adds up to a lot.  You’ll simply have less wear and tear on your muscles over a long tour, on an epoxy board versus an iSUP.

You see the same situation in racing paddleboards.  For the most serious paddlers that participate in racing, they all use epoxy boards.  Look at probably the best racing SUP on the planet the Starboard SUP All Star, it is an epoxy board for a reason.  Yes they do make inflatable racing SUPs, but for real competition, you’re going to need an epoxy shell.

There is also a way to test out this theory about epoxy board being better at transferring energy, and therefor faster, than inflatables, from Starboard SUP.  Starboard also makes an inflatable All Star.  Now, to be fair, the Starboard inflatable All Star is a great SUP that is even faster than most hard boards.  But it’s not faster than the epoxy All Star.

You can get two fairly equal in experience and strength paddlers and place one on the inflatable All Star and one on the epoxy All Star.  The competitor on the traditional epoxy All Star will smoke the competitor on the inflatable, every time.

We are not bashing iSUPs in any way, we actually love inflatables.  We are just using these examples to illustrate the significant difference in power and energy transfer, and therefor increased performance of an epoxy SUP.

Basically it comes down to your personal preference.  Epoxy boards strengths are more agile, allow for better control, and performance.  This makes them the ideal choice for SUP surfing, long distance and multi-day touring, and competitive SUP racing.

The downsides to this traditional style of SUP is that you need a large place to store it.  Unlike an iSUP, an epoxy cannot shrink down in size, so you’ll need a large open area in your garage to store your board.  Also, you’ll have the same problem when you go to transport your board.

It’s not easy strapping a 12 foot epoxy paddle board to the top of your car.

If you can live with the downsides of an epoxy, and you crave performance on the water, the choice is clear.…

Dentist reminder to floss your teeth and get regular cleanings

dental maintenance

dentists examining x-ray

Most people think they know how to keep their mouths clean with regular brushing flossing and going on the occasional dentist visit.

But most people don’t understand how important flossing is and therefore easily skip over the daily practice.

Flossing though, is incredibly important.

Any dentist or any person for that matter, can look in someone’s mouth and tell whether or not they floss. Especially when compared to someone who does not floss. If you have red or swollen gums and if your gums bleed easily when you brush or floss that is an obvious sign that you do not floss on a regular basis. If your gums bleed from regular cleaning that means you are not flossing and you need to start right away.

You can learn more about gum disease here: https://www.nidcr.nih.gov/health-info/gum-disease/more-info

You need to clean all sides of your teeth not just the front in the back with your toothbrush. All sides of your teeth include the areas between your teeth that a toothbrush cannot get to, this is where you need dental floss.

Research has shown the benefits of flossing. There is research to show that flossing in addition to brushing your teeth reduces gum disease much better than brushing alone. This same research also shows that flossing and brushing reduces plaque better than brushing alone.

While this might not sound like breaking news, a dentist Durham NC told us that it is important to reiterate how beneficial regular flossing is, because not enough people do it.

Another thing worth considering, is how you are flossing your teeth. A lot of people don’t use good technique.

You actually don’t want to apply much pressure when you are flossing. You want to be gentle on your gums. But you also want to be thorough and get into as many nooks and crannies between your teeth and gum as possible.

The next time you go to the dentist ask them to show you the best methods for flossing your teeth. You are guaranteed to learn a couple techniques that will greatly improve how you floss.

Why you should brush with toothpaste:

Regularly brushing your teeth is beneficial on its own. Even if you do not have toothpaste available, it is still good to regularly brush your teeth. Because this will physically remove food particles, debris, and plaque off of your teeth. But if you also use toothpaste you improve the efficacy of your daily hygiene dramatically.

One of the reasons why toothpaste is beneficial to use is because it contains fluoride. Fluoride makes the in tiger tooth structure more durable and it resists decay and repair of the tooth before damage can set in.

Another benefit of toothpaste are the ingredients in the paste which help to clean and polish and remove stains from your teeth. There are several toothpastes on the market right now that do a great job of whitening your teeth that are even better, cheaper, and less painful than dedicated teeth whiteners.

And the final benefit of toothpaste is that it gives you fresh breath and leaves your mouth with a nice clean feeling once you are done brushing.

Now that you understand the importance of flossing and brushing your teeth, let’s talk about why you want to do this. That means we are going to talk about plaque.

What’s Plaque:

Back in the day when people didn’t understand oral health we used to think that as you got older naturally you would lose your teeth. But now we know you don’t lose your teeth just because you get older, you lose your teeth because you are not taking care of them.

The main enemy of healthy teeth is plaque. So what exactly is plaque? plaque is invisible germs that live in your mouth and they stick to your teeth. some types of plaque cause tooth decay while other types of plaque are the cause of gum disease.

What is gum disease?

Well, if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and see that your gums are red puffy bleeding or overly sensitive, these are the very first signs that you may have gum disease. and if you don’t treat this gum disease, the tissues that hold your teeth in place break down and you can eventually lose a tooth or multiple teeth.

It is also important to note that plaque is invisible. The stains on your teeth are not necessarily plaque. That is why you need regular brushing whether you have white teeth or whether your teeth are stained from something like drinking coffee or tea.

Now you know what plaque is, and why it is important to maintain constant practice to remove plaque from your mouth. One important thing to remember, that is often forgotten, is to brush your tongue. a lot of plaque and bacteria can build up on your tongue.

Your tongue acts like velcro and keeps food particles bacteria and plaque on it. So just take the extra step of brushing your tongue to remove this bacteria. And it will have the added benefit of freshening up your breath.


How To Keep Your Teeth Clean in Between Dental Visits.

dental maintenanceDentistflossing

The Basics of Maintaining Clean Teeth

Because of these strange virus times that we live in, almost all dental offices are shut down and have been shut down for two months.

That is pretty crazy.  It is unprecedented to have a dentist office closed for so long a period of time.

So, what do you do to maintain clean teeth, because you will not be able to get into the dentist office any time soon, to have a professional clean your pearly whites.

Daily Cleaning

You have to be disciplined and brush your teeth every day.  Not only do you need to brush every day, you need to brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Now, we all get lazy, and that is understandable.

So, what do you do if you are lazy and you do not feel motivated enough to brush your teeth twice a day?

Well, that means you are only going to brush you teeth once a day.  If you only brush your teeth once a day, make it the evening, before you go to bed brush of the teeth.

If you brush your teeth at night, right before you go to bed, you clean off all the food particles that have accumulated through out the day.

That way you do not have decaying food particles that are in contact with your teeth’s enamel, that sit on the enamel for eight hours overnight.

When you brush your teeth in the morning, if you have already brushed them at night, you are really only brushing your teeth to make your breath smell good.  Because you are not eating overnight during your sleep, the morning brush is really about freshening your breath, where the evening brush is about maintaining oral health and removing decaying food and plaque from your enamel.

Daily Flossing

If you want to have a lifetime of healthy teeth and you want your visits to the dentist to be pain and hassle free, you’ve got to become a regular flosser of your teeth.  There is simply no way around this.

Flossing your teeth daily is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Do whatever it takes to make your daily flossing a life long habit.

If you can maintain these important basics of oral care, you’ll be able to withstand this time away from the dentist.

Stay healthy out there.…

5 Best Reasons and Things to do in Seattle Washington

Seattle Tours

Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington, boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere, as well as hospitable and full of vitality. This great urban center appears surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes.

The city is located between Lake Washington and the Strait of Puget. It is considered the origin of grunge music and the gateway to Alaska and is also the place of origin of the Boeing company and Starbucks.

When touring the city, you will be impressed by its neatness, its gardens, and its infrastructures. In its urban panorama, the figure of the Space Needle communications tower stands out, the undisputed emblem of Seattle.


The Five Best Reasons To Visit Seattle

  1. Space Needle

The Space Needle, the most prominent tower in Seattle and the American West Coast, was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. Today it houses the SkyCity revolving restaurant. From any of the tables and from its terrace, it is possible to admire stunning views of Seattle, the mountains, and the sea.

  1. Pike Place Market

This former agricultural market receives more than 10 million visitors every year and houses artisan shops, antique dealers, and florists, among other businesses. It has several restaurants, such as the Place Pigalle Restaurant and Bar and the Matt’s in the market, from whose halls you can see excellent views of Elliott Bay.

  1. Chihuly Garden and Glass

This great exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s masterpieces exposes beautiful glass gardens, which are distributed around the centerpiece, a colorful suspended sculpture over 30 meters long. General admission costs $ 26.

  1. Flight Museum

The Boeing Seattle Museum site allows you to contemplate historic aircraft from a close distance. The collection tells the evolution of the technologies that allow us to fly around the world in magnificent contemporary conditions. The ticket price amounts to $ 13.

  1. The music

After New York, Seattle is the American city that offers the most lively program of live music shows. Go to independent venues, such as the Moore Theater or Tires, to see numerous fashion bands perform; or approach Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley if you prefer to relax with top-notch jazz.

Things to do in Seattle

  1. Go up to the Sky View Observatory

This observation platform, located in the Columbia Center, reaches 305 meters high. Therefore, it offers an exceptional panoramic view that includes the city of Seattle, the Strait of Puget, and the volcano, and Mount Rainier.

  1. Sail from island to island through the Puget Strait

From the port of Seattle, you can take a ferry to reach the idyllic beaches of Bainbridge Island or visit the art galleries of Vashon Island. A little further away are the islands of San Juan, one of the best environments in the world to observe the natural life of the killer whales.

  1. Climb Mount Rainier

This volcano rises, majestic, in the beautiful national park of Mount Rainier. It offers one of the best destinations for skiing and snowboarding in the United States. You can climb using snowshoes or taking the Rainier Steam Railroad, which works during the summer.

  1. Enjoy the fun coast of Seattle

The Seattle coast integrates docks and parks where multiple activities and events always come together. There is the Seattle Aquarium, the Seattle Great Wheel, and the port, where the ferry company Washington State Ferries offers different experiences through the Strait of Puget.

  1. Explore the Discovery Park

Located in Magnolia Bluff and overlooking the Puget Strait, Discovery Park offers magnificent views of the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. The park integrates more than three kilometers of beaches, green meadows, impressive cliffs above the sea, forests, active sand dunes, thickets, and streams.…

When To Visit, Stay and How to Reach Seattle

Seattle Tours

Seattle is a great destination that can be visited throughout the year. The colder months are perfect for winter sports fans and for those who want to experience the Seattle Christmas weather.

Remember that the Seattle Restaurant Week event takes place in April, and endless summer music festivals are organized during the summer, including Bumbershoot. In June, in addition, the Washington Brewers Festival is celebrated, which revolves around local beers.

By Plane

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is located about 17 miles from the city center. The best way to get there is to take the Sound Transit Link Light Rail service, which takes you to Westlake station in 40 minutes, and your ticket costs $ 3.25. The taxi ride amounts to about $ 50.

By Train

Seattle’s main train station is King Street Station and is located in the Pioneer Square district. Amtrak offers three services to King Street. The Cascades service begins in Vancouver and reaches Eugene, the Empire Builder arrives from Chicago, and the Coast Starlight service connects Seattle with Los Angeles and San Francisco. Trains ride Vancouver – Seattle costs between $ 35 and $ 60.

By Car

Seattle is located on Interstate 5, which runs along the entire western coast of the United States. Also, Interstate 90 reaches the city and crosses the country from Chicago.

By Bus

Several bus companies communicate Seattle with most cities in the United States. Greyhound, for example, operates lines that connect the city with Portland, and from there, it is possible to reach multiple destinations in the country. A bus trip from Vancouver to Seattle costs between $ 18 and $ 30.

Airports Near Seattle

  • SEA Seattle-Tacoma
  • BFI Seattle King County / Boeing
  • LKE Seattle Lake Union Spb
  • Seattle Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
  • British Airways
  • American Airlines
  • KLM
  • air France
  • Delta

Where To Stay In Seattle

Seattle offers a wide variety of accommodation alternatives. The Sorrento Hotel offers sumptuous vintage-style environments, and their rates are around $ 250 a night, while in the central Four Seasons Hotel Seattle, 5-star, it is possible to stay for about $ 450 per night. The City Hostel Seattle, on the other hand, is a good economical option, and its rates start at $ 33 to spend the night in a shared room.

Popular Neighborhoods In Seattle 

  1. Fremont and Wallingford. These districts offer an authentic and bohemian experience in Seattle. Its streets are full of juice bars, coffee shops like Lighthouse Roasters, music venues and record stores, such as Jive Time Records. In this area is the Woodland Park Zoo.
  1. Pioneer Square. In this neighborhood, most of the city’s cultural institutions and the main train station are located. From here it is possible to make fascinating underground tours and attend shows at the Comedy Underground, at large pubs such as the Flatstick and the Klondike Gold Rush Museum.
  1. West Seattle. The captivating atmosphere of this neighborhood, somewhat away from the center, integrates the aroma of several French gourmet bakeries, such as Bakery Nouveau. Here there are also music stores, such as Easy Street Records, and Alki Beach is also located.

Seattle Tours: What To See And Do In Seattle


Seattle is 155 kilometers south of the Canadian border and is an important cultural, educational and economic center of the region and the country. It has a population of around 600,000 inhabitants. The name of Seattle is an Anglo-Saxon interpretation of the name Ce-Atl of the head of the local tribes of native Indians.

Public Market Center

Park the car and roam around downtown Seattle, tour the fantastic Pike Place Market, better known as Public Market Center and eat in a very nice buffet overlooking the sea. Visited the market and its surroundings, where you can see the wealth of the city, the civilization of human behaviors, and the various delicatessen shops. Use flowers with really bright colors; they make really exceptional bouquets for their color and presentation.

Space Needle Tower

The first thing that stands out of Seattle is its peculiar skyline. Its best-known skyscraper, the Space Needle, is the main attraction of the city. We recommend that you visit this place first thing in the morning so that you can see how the morning mist begins to disappear on the horizon. The Space Needle will allow you to enjoy 360º views of the city and so you can see both the rest of the skyline, the sea, and the mountains that surround the city. It’s not bad to start the day like that, right?

In the rest of the city tour, enjoy a long coffee in a Starbucks; see the monorail, and also the aforementioned Space Needle communications tower, to climb the next day. After the visit of the tower, walk through the parks and gardens that surround it, where you can see various sculptures, set up a well-maintained fairground, were also several exhibition palaces with original and futuristic shapes.

Ride The Ducks Of Seattle

Probably the funkiest and most unique way to take in the sights of the Emerald City is aboard a Duck boat.  Ride The Ducks of Seattle, or as they are called locally, The Ducks, are old WWII boats.  But that’s not all.  The are amphibious WWII boats.

These are the boats that they used to transport the troops from the big ocean going war boats to the beaches.  The had to be able to navigate on the land and on the water.

Just like a duck.  Get it?

Well, now these vessels are a great way to take a land and water tour of the city.  In fact they are the only amphibious tour of the city.  How cool is that?  Very cool.

You can learn more about these tours here https://www.ridetheducksofseattle.com/tours/land-water-tours/ticket-information/

Seattle Monorail Train

Stay for a while in a huge fountain-spout, which you can access inside, and where there were many children playing and getting wet with the hot water emanating from the fountain.

Pioneer Square

As the hometown of Starbucks, you can see quite a lot of coffees from this chain. Return to the Public Market, if you want, as it is always very lively.

Seattle Gardens

Seattle is also a cultural city and where good art is appreciated. Right next to the Space Needle is the Chihuly Crystal Garden, a permanent art exhibition that is really worth visiting. The American city has also managed to transform old industrial spaces, already abandoned, to create urban art.

Therefore, on your visit to Seattle, we recommend that you spend a while visiting the Gas Works Park (which you can visit here). It is very peculiar and interesting. They have transformed the old gas plants to create outdoor art spaces. From there, you will also get unique views of the city and its skyline.

Pike Place Fish Market

But if anything is Seattle is known for its Market Fish (Fish Market), located in Pike Place. This area of ​​the city, located in the downtown area, is full of activity from the early hours of the morning when the fish is unloaded for later sale. Pike Place is full of restaurants, breweries, markets, atmosphere, and street music, which will make you feel at home. It has a very village character, almost from the neighborhood, so difficult to find in other cities in the United States. I recommend you try some of the best local and international products on the market with this gastronomic walking tour, a tour about craft beers and wines from Washington State, and you can do a cooking class or this other tour guided by a chef.

Seattle Tour Bus

To get a first idea of ​​what to see in Seattle or if you have little time, we recommend the tour offered by the tourist bus where you can get on and off the vehicle as many times as you want while traveling Seattle or have fun with the stories behind the art and the artists on this walk through the Fremont neighborhood.…

Seattle Tour Guide – Attractions

Seattle Tour Guide

It is known that in the United States is “the city of rain,” called Seattle, is located in the northwest of the continent. However, it has the name of “the city of rain” not because of the amount of precipitation, but because of the days of brown compared to other cities in the US. Despite this, the city attracts many travelers with its attractions.

Seattle is a major industrial, financial, and transportation center. In addition, it enters the list of the five leading ports in the country. The city has well-developed radio, electronic, timber, naval, food, automobile, and space industries.

Seattle has a number of worthy universities when the weather is bad, and you can visit the Asian art museum, the Olympic sculpture park, the aviation museum, Henry O’Fray art gallery, the industry history museum, the museum of Asian art of Wing Luke and also multiple galleries, where the works of eminent masters are exhibited. There are several dramatic theaters, the opera and ballet theater, experimental cinemas, where they put the masterpieces of the ancient cinematographer. The symbol of the city is the tower of Space Needle, which literally translates as “space needle,” there is a viewpoint from which you have a magnificent view of the city, gulf, and canal of Lake Michigan.

There are quite unusual places in the city. The Chewing Gum Wall is one of them. It appeared in 1993 and is near the popular theater. Once, the students lining up to get tickets to the theater began to glue coins to the wall with gum. For many years, city authorities have tried to deal with such a disaster and diligently clean the wall.

Museum of Pop Culture presents large modern exhibitions dedicated to sensational films of recent years, known as musical ensembles and artists.

See Ancient And Modern Art

The Seattle Museum of Art presents rotating exhibitions throughout the year. Don’t you want to pay the admission fee to see works of art? Visit most of Seattle’s galleries for free on the opening Thursday of any month during a particular time.

Attend A Ball Game

Football fans will enjoy watching a Seahawks game (or pre-season training) at CenturyLink Field. Fans are fierce, which makes it one of the noisiest soccer games you will attend. Seattle’s resident soccer team, the Sounders, also plays in CenturyLink. Baseball enthusiasts can go to T-Mobile Park for a Sailors game. And while the Sonics left the city a long time ago, the Seattle Storm still produces their basketball game to the city, in whole feminine style.

Explore The Capitol

The courts of Capitol Hill are packed with shops, hangouts, and nightlife venues. Before getting squandered in aisles of books, appreciate the store’s cafe or one of their many experiences and book signings. Art fanatics shouldn’t pass up Dick Blick Art Materials, with its high-quality and unparalleled art supplies that go beyond anything you’ll encounter in chain craft stores.

The Focus of the Tour


The focus of the website is shifting to include all Extreme Hiking on Kauai, including Waialeale(Kawaikini), the Alakai Plateau, canyons and canyoneering, the Na Pali Coast, Blue Hole, and the valleys and ridges of Kauai. And to open a debate on how to best preserve Kauai’s fantastic wilderness and wildlife. To continue the current makeshift, laissez-faire course that so mostly managed the steady decline of Kauai’s wilderness or to establish a Kauai Wilderness National Park.
Click on to see hundreds of high resolution photos of extreme hikes on Kauai. Hikes discussed nowhere else. Select set, photo, then “all sizes” to see full resolution.
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Two hazardous descents(not recommended of course), giving access to the Na Pali Coast and upper Koaie Gorge. Milolii Death Wish Descent and death wish junior, Koaie Root Trail.
Evolution of the Waialeale Trail. History and evolution of the Waialeale Trail from the first Haole Ascent to the new Kauai Watershed Alliance fenceline. Many maps!
Kauai Hiking Adventures Only guide approved by Waialeale.org. If it’s on Kaua’i, Scott can get you there.
Kids Tag Kawaikini! When you’re my age, most folks are kids. This is the only account I’ve encountered of a woman reaching Kawaikini! Congrats to Margot and Sean. Flickr Photos
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Blowing in the Wind! First Known Father/Daughter Ascent by Joe the Plumber and Kid!
Gang of Four. An expanded, illustrated “Five Days to Kawaikini.” Mo’ excellent. Sixteen pages!
October, 2008, The Alakai Great Circle Route by Joe the Plumber!
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Flash! On December 24, 2007, Bob Burd dayhiked Kawaikini (Waialeale) in 17 hours. Excellent maps, much improved route. And if you scroll down and click on “More…trip report” you’ll find an ascent of Haupu, a view from the cave at the end of the Blue Hole (aka “Waialeale Crater” to the geologically challenged.)
January 2008, Waialeale.Org trio summit Kawaikini, find improved route used by Burd and earlier party.
Hihimanu, a fantastic but hazardous ridge dayhike.