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Seattle Tours: What To See And Do In Seattle


Seattle is 155 kilometers south of the Canadian border and is an important cultural, educational and economic center of the region and the country. It has a population of around 600,000 inhabitants. The name of Seattle is an Anglo-Saxon interpretation of the name Ce-Atl of the head of the local tribes of native Indians.

Public Market Center

Park the car and roam around downtown Seattle, tour the fantastic Pike Place Market, better known as Public Market Center and eat in a very nice buffet overlooking the sea. Visited the market and its surroundings, where you can see the wealth of the city, the civilization of human behaviors, and the various delicatessen shops. Use flowers with really bright colors; they make really exceptional bouquets for their color and presentation.

Space Needle Tower

The first thing that stands out of Seattle is its peculiar skyline. Its best-known skyscraper, the Space Needle, is the main attraction of the city. We recommend that you visit this place first thing in the morning so that you can see how the morning mist begins to disappear on the horizon. The Space Needle will allow you to enjoy 360º views of the city and so you can see both the rest of the skyline, the sea, and the mountains that surround the city. It’s not bad to start the day like that, right?

In the rest of the city tour, enjoy a long coffee in a Starbucks; see the monorail, and also the aforementioned Space Needle communications tower, to climb the next day. After the visit of the tower, walk through the parks and gardens that surround it, where you can see various sculptures, set up a well-maintained fairground, were also several exhibition palaces with original and futuristic shapes.

Ride The Ducks Of Seattle

Probably the funkiest and most unique way to take in the sights of the Emerald City is aboard a Duck boat.  Ride The Ducks of Seattle, or as they are called locally, The Ducks, are old WWII boats.  But that’s not all.  The are amphibious WWII boats.

These are the boats that they used to transport the troops from the big ocean going war boats to the beaches.  The had to be able to navigate on the land and on the water.

Just like a duck.  Get it?

Well, now these vessels are a great way to take a land and water tour of the city.  In fact they are the only amphibious tour of the city.  How cool is that?  Very cool.

You can learn more about these tours here

Seattle Monorail Train

Stay for a while in a huge fountain-spout, which you can access inside, and where there were many children playing and getting wet with the hot water emanating from the fountain.

Pioneer Square

As the hometown of Starbucks, you can see quite a lot of coffees from this chain. Return to the Public Market, if you want, as it is always very lively.

Seattle Gardens

Seattle is also a cultural city and where good art is appreciated. Right next to the Space Needle is the Chihuly Crystal Garden, a permanent art exhibition that is really worth visiting. The American city has also managed to transform old industrial spaces, already abandoned, to create urban art.

Therefore, on your visit to Seattle, we recommend that you spend a while visiting the Gas Works Park (which you can visit here). It is very peculiar and interesting. They have transformed the old gas plants to create outdoor art spaces. From there, you will also get unique views of the city and its skyline.

Pike Place Fish Market

But if anything is Seattle is known for its Market Fish (Fish Market), located in Pike Place. This area of ​​the city, located in the downtown area, is full of activity from the early hours of the morning when the fish is unloaded for later sale. Pike Place is full of restaurants, breweries, markets, atmosphere, and street music, which will make you feel at home. It has a very village character, almost from the neighborhood, so difficult to find in other cities in the United States. I recommend you try some of the best local and international products on the market with this gastronomic walking tour, a tour about craft beers and wines from Washington State, and you can do a cooking class or this other tour guided by a chef.

Seattle Tour Bus

To get a first idea of ​​what to see in Seattle or if you have little time, we recommend the tour offered by the tourist bus where you can get on and off the vehicle as many times as you want while traveling Seattle or have fun with the stories behind the art and the artists on this walk through the Fremont neighborhood.…

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