Seattle Tour Guide – Attractions

It is known that in the United States is “the city of rain,” called Seattle, is located in the northwest of the continent. However, it has the name of “the city of rain” not because of the amount of precipitation, but because of the days of brown compared to other cities in the US. Despite this, the city attracts many travelers with its attractions.

Seattle is a major industrial, financial, and transportation center. In addition, it enters the list of the five leading ports in the country. The city has well-developed radio, electronic, timber, naval, food, automobile, and space industries.

Seattle has a number of worthy universities when the weather is bad, and you can visit the Asian art museum, the Olympic sculpture park, the aviation museum, Henry O’Fray art gallery, the industry history museum, the museum of Asian art of Wing Luke and also multiple galleries, where the works of eminent masters are exhibited. There are several dramatic theaters, the opera and ballet theater, experimental cinemas, where they put the masterpieces of the ancient cinematographer. The symbol of the city is the tower of Space Needle, which literally translates as “space needle,” there is a viewpoint from which you have a magnificent view of the city, gulf, and canal of Lake Michigan.

There are quite unusual places in the city. The Chewing Gum Wall is one of them. It appeared in 1993 and is near the popular theater. Once, the students lining up to get tickets to the theater began to glue coins to the wall with gum. For many years, city authorities have tried to deal with such a disaster and diligently clean the wall.

Museum of Pop Culture presents large modern exhibitions dedicated to sensational films of recent years, known as musical ensembles and artists.

See Ancient And Modern Art

The Seattle Museum of Art presents rotating exhibitions throughout the year. Don’t you want to pay the admission fee to see works of art? Visit most of Seattle’s galleries for free on the opening Thursday of any month during a particular time.

Attend A Ball Game

Football fans will enjoy watching a Seahawks game (or pre-season training) at CenturyLink Field. Fans are fierce, which makes it one of the noisiest soccer games you will attend. Seattle’s resident soccer team, the Sounders, also plays in CenturyLink. Baseball enthusiasts can go to T-Mobile Park for a Sailors game. And while the Sonics left the city a long time ago, the Seattle Storm still produces their basketball game to the city, in whole feminine style.

Explore The Capitol

The courts of Capitol Hill are packed with shops, hangouts, and nightlife venues. Before getting squandered in aisles of books, appreciate the store’s cafe or one of their many experiences and book signings. Art fanatics shouldn’t pass up Dick Blick Art Materials, with its high-quality and unparalleled art supplies that go beyond anything you’ll encounter in chain craft stores.